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I had fainted, unless


to see the goodness of the LORD


psalm 27:13 KJV

 the believers’ guide

Devotional Series

Life comes with challenges in our health and relationships. With every challenge, we can receive direction from the word of God. Each devotional series not only educates the reader on practical steps in improving health, but more importantly uses prayer, worship and song as a weapon to reclaim our health and relationships. As believers, we look to God first for all of our troubles. Discover the wisdom and hope in the word of God as you begin to live with a joyful expectancy for all good things to come!

 the believers’ guide to fighting cancer

In The Believers’ Guide to Fighting Cancer, Ross takes readers through the process of acknowledging what it means to have a cancer diagnosis and gives hope to those who are walking through the journey. He encourages readers to take a step back and strengthen themselves in the Lord.

In this practical and biblically grounded devotional, you will learn how to define your healing, arise in worship, become an advocate, find your doctor and health system, find your circle of support, and see life through a new lens of blessing.

 the believers’ guide to fighting Divorce

In The Believers’ Guide to Fighting Divorce, readers learn to love like Jesus to save a marriage. You will find yourself on a path to restoration in spite of the odds!

In this practical and biblically grounded devotional, men or women contemplating divorce, or otherwise facing difficulties in their marriage, you will reflect on topics including: the decision to fight, abandonment, humiliation, forgiveness, confronting the challenge to quit, breaking points and turning points.

 the believers’ guide to fighting Depression

In The Believers’ Guide to Fighting Depression, Ross takes the reader through the story of Elijah’s time in the cave to help fight the darkness of depression. Readers will discover they have an amazing life to live and a God-given purpose to fulfill!

In this practical and biblically grounded devotional, you will find encouragement and practical resources related to the difference between perception and reality, depressed moods, thoughts of death, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep and concentration, tiredness, fatigue, and psychomotor changes, feelings of worthlessness and guilt.



                     IN weakness


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