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Listed below are websites that contain helpful education materials, handouts and worksheets that can prove helpful in a pursuit to discover more about a cancer diagnosis.  The sites below have links to search for cancer doctors and health centers in your area. All these sites are evidence based and trusted resources.

American Academy of Family Physicians is a patient education website powered by The American Academy of Family Physician and provides quick reads on a variety of health topics, including cancer. The information contained within this website is trusted and evidence based. This is a great place to start in your educational pursuits to discover more about cancer. At the end of each articles, there are even sample questions you can ask your doctor! There are fewer submenus and the language is more simplified when compared to the patient education sections on National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society websites.

National Cancer Institute is powered by The National Cancer Institute and provides a comprehensive patient education website covering a broad ranges of cancers types, from breast cancer to leukemia. Each topic provides an overview of the disease and is divided into causes & prevention, statistics, screening, treatment and research. There are helpful videos and pictures as well. The website can feel dense with multiple submenus, but it is comprehensive and complete. After reading articles from this website and taking notes, you may have further questions about a cancer diagnosis. The National Cancer Institute has a hotline (1-800-4-CANCER) and live chat function to answer questions about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options and research. There service is free and provides reliable and up-to-date information source bout a particular cancer. This site is under the umbrella of the National Institute of Heath. Therefore, this is a solid trusted source for cancer information.

American Society of Clinical Oncology is managed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) as a patient information website. This site is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics including types of cancer, navigating cancer care and survivorship. There is a search tool on this website to help find cancer doctors within certain distance from your home. There are no reviews, ratings or testimonials on this site, but you can find specialty and board certification information. This website is a good place to start if you would like to search for a doctor close to your home as well find out more information about a particular cancer type or how to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

American Cancer Society is a patient education website managed by the American Cancer Society. Similar to the National Cancer Institute, is a comprehensive patient education website covering a broad ranges of cancers types. Each topic is divided into a general overview, risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. The page layout is simplified, but there are many submenus and technical language that may be difficult to understand. The American Cancer Society also has a helpline (800-227-2345) and email function you can use for further question regarding a particular cancer diagnosis. This site also contains a section to help find and pay for the financial burden of cancer treatment as well as worksheets for choosing a cancer doctor and hospital.

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Disclaimer: Medicine is a rapidly changing field. The information contained within this show may have changed by the time you are listening to this podcast. This podcast should be used for educations purposes only and not to diagnosed or treat a particular symptom or illness. If you have questions regarding a disease or symptom, please speak with your doctor.

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